A Complete Professional VAT Software Solution for the VAT & SD Act 2012, VAT Rules 2016

VATMAN© is fully compliant with VAT Act 2012 & VAT Rules 2016

VATMAN© ensures on Real-time Data Operating System with Professional and Accurate Reporting at anytime, anywhere. VATMAN© easily prepare your VAT, API Integration with NBR. Our Vision is Ensuring 100% quality & support, we will provide the best services to our clients with our professionalism, creativity, responsibility & hard work.

NBR Guideline

Strategic Planning

VATMAN© is the on-demand delivery to run the software any time, VATMAN© is easy to use.


Implementation Methodology

Cross Industry Support

VATMAN©, We apply our professionalism in a wide range of industry sectors


Multi-dimensional businesses related to manufacturing and production of all statures


Caters to export-import type businesses, retail, wholesale and distribution


Caters to service related businesses such as banking, consulting, insurance, treatment, education etc.

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