• Find Grained Data Access Control for each company/BIN/Depo
    Multi-Company/ Multi-Bin/Multiple Depo
  • Intuitive Dashboard and Analytical Reports
    Analytics and Dashboard
  • Material Consumption Discrepancies, Adjustment, Input-Output Coefficient Validation
    Reconciliation and Verification

VAT Compliance

A Complete Software Solution for the VAT & SD Act 2012.

Mushak 9.1 (VAT Return)
Mushak 9.1 (Sub Form)
Mushak 4.3
Input-Output Coefficient
Mushak 6.1
Purchase Book
Mushak 6.2
Sales Book
Mushak 6.2.1
Purchase-Sales Book
Mushak 6.3
Tax Invoice
Mushak 6.4
Contractual Challan
Mushak 6.5
Transfer Challan
Mushak 6.6
VDS Certificate
Mushak 6.7
Credit Note
Mushak 6.8
Debit Note
Mushak 6.10
Purchase & Sale over 2 Lac
Treasury Challan

Key Features

1. VATMAN fully support Group of Company or multiple Company, BIN, Branches or Depots.
2. Fully compliant with each and every section of Value Added Tax (VAT) Acts 2012 and Rules 2016.
3. VATMAN fully role-based access control or security is an approach to restricting system access to authorized users.
4. VATMAN is for processing all kinds of Purchase & Sales transactions keeping all VAT records as per VAT & SD Act -2012 and Rules 2016.
5. VATMAN process your VAT whether it is Service, Trading, Manufacturing, or Export Business.
6. Each input can be easy, quickly, accurately, and properly preserved.
7. VATMAN can be integrated into your existing Accounting, Tally, and ERP software & API so that duplication transaction entry can be avoided.
8. The web-based of VATMAN software can be accessed by clients from anywhere in the world through the internet to manage all VAT related transactions.
9. VATMAN deploy on Windows Server with Cloud Hosting.
10. All the major forms like VAT-6.1, VAT-6.2, VAT-6.3, VAT-6.4, VAT-6.5, VAT-6.6, VAT-6.7, VAT-6.8, VAT-6.9, VAT-6.10, and VAT-9.1 readily available after processing all kinds of business transactions.

We ensure 24/7 support service through our helpline number and email or physical support or through VPN, Any desk, and Team viewer.

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